imagine luke leaving little post it notes around your flat when he’s away on tour: ‘its not the same cuddling with cal’ on your pillow, ‘you can’t complain about my breath now’ stuck to the pot of vegemite you hated, ‘mike never lets me win like you do :(’ stuck to the x-box, ‘showers with you are much more fun ;)’ stuck in the bathroom, ‘you are so beautiful, remember that’ stuck to your mirror, and lastly on the door: ‘i’ll come home soon’


ashton imagine - he kisses you during truth or dare



hi hi hi okay so can you do a prefereence where you are like best friends with all of the boys and you’re playing truth or dare and they find out you havent kissed anyone before idk it seems cute but kinda hot if they just like kissed you in the middle of you taling about not having your first kiss et omg

i was writing ashton’s and i was like wow this is long and i kept writing and it eventually got to be so long that i decided to just make it an imagine. let me know if you would like one for another boy!

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